Erectile Dysfunction Due to Cannabis Use

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is the most prohibited drug being used and abused in the US. Also known as marijuana, it is being legalized in many states for the recreational use of adults and medical reasons.  However, marijuana is so addictive that the potential of it being abused by people is high.

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The effects of marijuana to the human body are so substantial that it does not only the physical state and mental state of a person but also its sexual well-being.

Mary Jane or weed, other names for cannabis, has positive and negative effects on a person’s sexual activity. Users claim that they become hornier while high on weed. Marijuana has aphrodisiac effects that make a person crave for sex and more sex. More so, being high on weed increases sexual stamina and lengthens orgasm.  However, on the other side, other weed users admit that they are having a hard time staying “hard” for a period of time. Sometimes they become so high that they could not concentrate hence failing to have an orgasm. Another concern with regard to the use of marijuana is erectile dysfunction or ED. At present, studies have shown that there is no direct link between ED and marijuana. However, it does just give potential or increases the risk of having ED especially if marijuana is being used together with tobacco.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is widely known as impotence. It is the inability of the penis to get or prolong an erection that is stiff enough to enter a vagina. Erectile dysfunction or ED is not a rare condition seen in men of all ages and all walks of life. The common signs and symptoms of ED are having difficulty getting an erection and difficulty in prolonging an erection, therefore, leading to a decrease in sexual libido. The primary causes of ED are medical and mental health conditions of a person. It is treatable using prescribed medicines, surgery, pumps and implants. However, other men prefer natural treatment for this condition. If left untreated, ED can cause stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and the inability to get the partner pregnant. More so, ED can be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and regular checkup with the doctor.

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