Getting The Most Out Of Asthma Treatment By Ventolin Inhaler (Salbutamol)

Always keep salbutamol inhaler along yourself every time

It is smart to make sure that salbutamol inhaler is with the patient all the time because in case of emergency one might need to use it. This should provide at least several hours of relief. If any time a patient feels it is not working effectively, he/she should let the asthma doctor know right away. Also, try to keep regular appointments with the doctor. The reason for it is the doctor can review the condition on a regular basis and prescribe the patient according to that.

Read carefully the asthma action plan

It will guide the patient on how to manage his/her asthma and it will also describe what to do if anytime a patient faces an acute or severe asthma attack. If a patient is using other inhalers too with salbutamol inhaler, always use the salbutamol inhaler first and after that wait a couple of minutes before using the other inhalers. What salbutamol does? Salbutamol opens the air passage by relaxing the muscles to allow the other inhalers to work more effectively.

In worse breathing cases

If any time the patient’s breathing gets worse, keep continuing the usage of inhalers but contact the doctor or nurse straightaway for further advice. Also, if a patient is in need of using the maximum amount of salbutamol puffs each day in despite the amount the doctor prescribed, he/she must let the doctor know about this, hiding it from the doctor will harm the patient and may cause further problems or side effects.

Try not to smoke

It is more harmful to smoke when a patient with asthma disease smokes. Smoking cause damage to the lungs and often irritation, and it will also make the condition much worse than it already is. Speak with the doctor for further advice if a patient is having difficulty in quitting smoking.

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