Media And Muscles – Why Is It More Attractive?

When you watch movies, men and women become insecure of what they see. Well, you cannot deny that seeing a man with a muscular body is hot. The same is true for well-shaped women. However, why are people more attracted to this kind of body? The media sure knows what people want. Still, you need to uncover the reason for this so you can try out building the perfect body. Let the following reasons below be the inspiration for your change.

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People look up to disciplined people

Why do people love Confucius? Why do people love those who can sustain a very boring task and come out colourful? This is because people love to see discipline. Again, this is a manifestation of guilt in some. Since they themselves cannot exhibit this discipline with their body, they look for it in others. As such, the media feeds images and videos of people exuding great discipline.

Discipline is important in many cases like learning new instruments, gaining knowledge, and budgeting money. You should pay great attention to your discipline as it can get you to achieve your dreams faster.

People are wired to look for it

Humans in the old days, look for great bodies not because of the aesthetics. They look for the different parts of the body that can bear great future. What this means is that people look for the partners in life that can sustain life better.

For example, they choose muscular men because they can lift things. They can easily lift more wood and do more hard jobs easily. For women, men choose those with large busts and hips so that their children will grow to be nourished and strong. It is actually wired in people.

They are healthier

The media is showing you what is healthy. With the rising case of more sedentary people per square kilometre, people are at risk of developing cardiac problems as well as problems with their blood circulation. As they exhibit high testosterone levels, people are amazed. You can check here on how to get testosterone prescriptions just for you. This is the media’s way of getting you on your feet.

So next time, try not to feel guilt and do NOTHING. Try to challenge yourself to be what you see in the movies. They represent what you need to be. There is no problem in loving yourself but if you feel insecure, go and do something about it now.


Erika Somogyi copyright 2017